“Baltiswiler’s paintings manifest an extreme subjectiveness and collectedness” – Ulrich Krempel

Ernesto Baltiswiler Book

In 1991 Ernesto Baltiswiler spent one year in Sweden in the middle of a forest in a tiny house without electricity and water only from a spring. He experienced the particular nature of a forest, simplicity, solitude and gardening. The results were 20 new paintings titled “Im Wald drinnen” ( “Amidst Woodland”) which he exhibited in the pop-up gallery Stelzner & Rading in the Ruhrgebiet in Essen, Germany- once the centre of huge steel industry. They published the book “Ernesto Baltiswiler” which got designed by the acclaimed Swedish graphic designer Anders Ljungman. Ulrich Krempel, the director of the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, wrote about Baltiswiler’s paintings, photographer Snezana Vucetic Bohm took a wonderful portrait with a boa snake and the printers of Plitt Druck- and Verlag GmbH, Oberhausen performed a very high print quality.

Reminiscence of Svalbard
210 x 220 cm, oil and wax on canvas, 1991
Collection of the artist